SALONE Gospel Artists: A Path Towards Unification

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A proposed meeting between Bishop Cole and all Gospel Artists in Sierra Leone,
was scheduled as follows: 

  • DATE: Saturday 22nd JUNE 2019
    VENUE:  Miracle City, Ross Road
    TIME: 12:00pm
    AGENDA: The Forward movement of Gospel Music and Musicians,

    With the support of our spiritual fathers (Pastors) starting with himself.

This meeting was held according to schedule and a lot of issues were also addressed.
After due delibrations, a way forward was agreed on.


It was agreed that a National Consultative Conference to be organized
(Proposed by Bishop Cole).
This event will be hosted by SLAGA and will also bring together all Gospel Music Groups
(and their leaders) from all parts of the country.
This conference will comprise of the 3 arms in the Gospel Music Industry:

  • The Artists,
  • The Producers and
  • The Promoters,

All of which must have relevant input during the conference.


The Conference will be organised to set standards
which will be used to address matters that concern all Gospel Musicians, Producers and Promotters.

A Committee was setup to plan for this conference within a period of 4 – 6 weeks
from the date of the meeting.
This committee comprised members from SLAGA, Other Gospel Music Groups,
Producers and also the Promoters Union.

National Consultative Conference (NCC)

Issues to be Address by the NCC

  1. Setup a “National Accreditation of Gospel Musicians” body :
    During the NCC, standards will be set to govern artist conducts.
    Artists will have to meet a very high moral standard before they can be recognised as Gospel Artists/Ministers.
  2. Committee to present a five-year plan (Road map) on the direction they want to go.
    And also what they want to accomplish in the next 5 years.
    This move ensures all members are aware and also share the vision of the Group
  3. Setup an institution that supersedes all other music groups across the country “Umbrella of Umbrella’s”.
    This institution must incorporate leaders of all other institutions. “The Council of Gospel Musicians”.
  4. Establishment of a “Credence Committee”:
    This committee will be tasked with the responsibility of screening all gospel songs before they are released.
    This is to ensure that every gospel song meets certain criteria and standards.
    Each song must portray a right image and the values upheld by the gospel music institution.
  5. Discuss Establishment of a music academy, to provide pre knowledge,
    fundamentals of voice control, protocols to be observed by gospel artists before ministration,
    And also advanced skills for upcoming gospel Artists.
  6. A Committee to regulate Gospel Album releases. With this setup,
    Artists will have to book launching dates as planned by group heads,
    so number of album release can be regulated by the body.
    This measure is to encourage proper planning and high level of support.
    The committee will regulate album launchings by properly scheduling the dates and number of launchings per year.
    So, events can be planned and supported properly.
    This committee will comprise of A Gospel Singer, A Gospel Promoter and a Producer.

NCC Planning Committee Members

Members of the planning committee were selected from a broad list comprising SLAGA members and other Gospel Group Members.
Below are a list of members

  1. Bro Alcinous Sesay
  2. Pst. Pete Dalton
  3. Pst. Alim Sesay
  4. Ben Margai
  5. Blessed W. Mansaray
  6. Bintu Cole
  7. Pst Hannah William
  8. Alimamy kamara
  9. Joshua Bangura
  10. Bro Yajah
  11. Moses A. Sesay
  12. Oluwa Femi

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SALONE Gospel Artists: A Path Towards Unification


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