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Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

Oh, way oh, [x3]
Ok, wo, oh, oh [x2]

I don’t care
I’mma stick with Jesus
He’s my ecstasy
He makes me feel high’re, high’re, high’re

What ever the problem that I may face
I’m never letting go
Of who I believe in,
I know in my heart and my spirit
That nothing can separate me
From the Love of Christ, oh, oh, oh
Cause He’s the reason, I’m elevating
I owe it to him
So, you can take all the world

[Repeat Chorus]

He sticks with me whenever thing’s go wrong
And he’s the very reason for this song
He’d be pumping up these muscles, now I’m strong
And for this, I stick, stick, stick
He sticks with me when everything’s go wrong
And he’s the very reason for the song
He’s been pumping up these muscles, now I’m strong
And for this I don’t care

[Repeat Chorus]

[Call + Respond]
{[I’mma] | Stick with Jesus
(Stick with Jesus)} [Loop]

Every day
(Stick with Jesus)
Every time
(Stick with Jesus)
And Everywhere
(Stick with Jesus)
Any day
(Stick with Jesus)
I’ma Stick with Jesus
(Stick with Jesus)
I Stick with Jesus
(Stick with Jesus)

[Repeat Chorus]

{(Oh, way oh,) [x3]
(Ok, wo, oh, oh)[x2] } [Loop]

[Repeat Chorus]

I’mma Stick with Jesus

I’mma Stick with Jesus
Makes feel high
I don’t care, I don’t care
Eh, eh



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