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Artist Birtday : 30/11/1999 (Age 25)
Born In : Baytown, Texas, US
Occupation(s) : Gospel Band
Genres : Gospel, Worship
Web Site :

The Profile, biography of Leeland,
An American Jonathan Nelson Gospel Music Band, and also Songwriters.

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today


Leeland is a Christian rock band from Baytown, Texas.
The band was formed in 2004, although lead singer Leeland Mooring had been writing songs beforehand.
Leeland is composed of Leeland Mooring, and Casey Moore

Leeland came to the forefront of the worship music world in 2004
and debuted their first project, the revolutionary Sound of Melodies, in 2006.
Fast forward to now with four GRAMMY® nominations and also eight GMA Dove Award® nominations under their belts,
Leeland has become one of the most important voices in a new generation of worship music.
Their lives, ministry, and music are a true extension of their passion
to simply worship God personally and also in community.

“Although their genesis as a band was in the Contemporary Christian Music artist stream,
They’ve always been local church pastor’s kids,”. 
Mooring spent his childhood traveling from town to town with his parents
who ministered music in tandem with traveling evangelists.
“Half of the songs on their first studio album came out of intimate youth group worship services
in their house or wherever they could meet.”


Originally formatted as a pop/rock outfit readying commercial songs for radio,
Leeland released its debut album, Sounds of Melodies, in 2006,
a recording that spawned a GRAMMY nomination and multiple Dove Award nods.
Mooring explains that the bulk of Leeland’s songs have always been inspired by the communion of worship.
“’Tears of the Saints’ came up after a youth prayer service on a Saturday night,”
 “and ‘Carried to the Table’ was after a sermon by one of their spiritual fathers on the same title.
The chorus of ‘How Wonderful’ came from singing to Jesus on my mom and dad’s front lawn
late one night after extended meetings.
More recently, ‘Lion and the Lamb’ came from a life-changing moment in God’s presence
at a friend’s church in Dinuba, California with hundreds of young people and their families.”

Mooring co-wrote the anthemic “Lion and the Lamb” with worship music mega-writers
Brenton Brown and Brian Johnson.
The song cemented his personal status as a young veteran in the sphere of modern worship music,
further affirming that Leeland as a collective is drawn into crafting songs
that court congregations across the globe to worship God through the act of singing.


Speaking about their songs, Mooring explains,
We usually don’t start seeing a theme emerge until we’re in that mode of finishing songs,
but right in the thick of Better Word we found that all of these songs weren’t trying to be anything.
They were simple, easy to sing with a lot of space to think about what you just sang,
and the lyrical themes were either about Jesus and His goodness,
or songs of faith that challenge us to lift our eyes off of our circumstances and onto the face of Jesus.
I really feel like it’s a returning back to the things Leeland did at first.”

Mooring admits, “God’s timing is mysterious, but I do believe years of having incredible moments in churches
‘live’ with the body of Christ led us to this moment.
It was definitely a bigger step of faith pressing record on one night, and then putting it in God’s hands!”


Touring musicians

  • Josias Badillo – bass guitar
  • Payden Hilliard – drums
  • David Ramirez – keys

Former members

  • Jake Holtz – bass (2004–2011)
  • Matt Campbell – guitar (2007–2009)
  • Austin Tirado – guitar (2006–2007)
  • Jeremiah Wood – guitar (2002–2006)
  • Jack Anthony Mooring – backing vocals, keyboard (2004-2015)
  • Shelly Roberts – bass (2011-2015)
  • Mike Smith – drums (2004-2015)
  • Jon Finney – backing vocals, guitar (2014-2015)


Grammy Award nominations
  • 2007: Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album – Sound of Melodies
  • 2009: Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album – Opposite Way
  • 2010: Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album – Love Is on the Move
  • 2011: Best Contemporary Christian Album – The Great Awakening
GMA Dove Award nominations
  • 2007: New Artist of the Year
  • 2007: Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year – “Sound of Melodies”
  • 07: Worship Song of the Year – “Yes You Have”
  • 2007: Praise & Worship Album of the Year – Sound of Melodies
  • 2007: Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year – Sound of Melodies
  • 2008: Song of the Year – “Tears of the Saints”
  • 2008: Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year – “Tears of the Saints”
  • 2009: Praise & Worship Album of the Year – Opposite Way

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