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Tenda (Accomplish) – by Deborah Lukalu

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

Lyrics Are Aranged as sang by the Artist
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{Sang in Swahili, Translated to English}

[Part 1]
Hakuna, hakuna, hakuna
Mungu kama wewe Baba

(There is no one,
there is no God like You, Father

Hakuna mwingine kama wewe Baba
(There is none like You Father)
Hakuna mwingine kimbilio langu
(There none who is my refuge)
Hakuna mwingine Baba wa wajane
(There is none who is
The husband of widows

Hakuna mwingine kimbilio langu
(There none who is my refuge)

Mungu ni chefu, wa mataifa yote [Repeat]
(God reigns supreme over all nations)

Alitenda mambo makubwa
(He did amazing things)
wanadamu wakakuelewa tenda
(That surpasses human understanding)
Tenda, tenda, tenda
(Accomplish, Accomplish,

 [Part 2]

Response: Tenda eh Baba, tenda
(Accomplish, Oh Father, Accomplish)

Baba wa majabu (Amazing Father)
Mungu wa uzima (God of Life)
Mungu wa salama (God who is our refuge)
Baba wa wajane (The Husband of widows)

Alitenda mambo makubwa
(He has done great things)
Shetani asikuelewe tenda
(That Satan could not understand

Tenda, tenda, tenda!
(Accomplish, accomplish,

Ni wa uwezo, ni wa ushindi
(He is of might and victory)
Ni muweza wote kweli,
Ni muumba wa yote

(He does all, creator of all things)
Kuimba tunaimba, (ni kwa neema)
(We sing by His Grace)
Watoto tunasala, (mpaka kwa neema)
(We pray through His Grace)

Ndoa tunapata, (ni mpaka kwa neema)
(We marry by His Grace)
Masomo tunaweza, (ni mpaka kwa neema)
(We manage our studies by His Grace)
Diploma uko nayo, (ni mpaka kwa neema)
(You have a diploma through His Grace)
Watoto unazala, (ni mpaka kwa neema)
(You bear children, through His Grace)
Kuimba unaimba, (ni mpaka kwa neema)
(We sing through His Grace)
Huyu Mungu wetu
(This our God)

Anajisema, anajipanga/anajibwaga 
(He says, and arranges)
Ni muweza yote kweli,
Haleluya ni muumba wote

(Able of all, Hallelujah,
He is the creator of all things

[Part 3]

Response:Wa milele wa milele, Mungu wa baraka ni Yesu we
{Forever, God of blessings is Jesus}

Wa milele wa milele,
Mungu wa baraka ni Yesu we

God of blessings is Jesus
) [x3]

Wa miujiza wa miujia,
Mungu wa miujiza ni Yesu we

(Of miracles,
God of miracles is Jesus

Wa mapendo wa mapendo,
Mungu wa mapendo ni Yesu we

(Of Love, of love,
God of Love is Jesus

Ah, ah, ah, ni Yesu we
(Ah, ah, ah, it is Jesus)

A-h yo, yo, yo, ni Yesu we
(Ah, yo yo yo, it is Jesus)

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Tenda (Accomplish) – by Deborah Lukalu

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  1. Amani Ezeckias

    October 17, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    Que Dieu vous bénis abondamment pour l’œuvre que vous faites pour lui et ses enfants que nous sommes 😇😇🙏🙏🙏

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