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Si La Mer Se Déchaine – Dena Mwanakitata ft Soweto Gospel Lyrics

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

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Um’ulwandle Luda’lulwa 
(Akotika Yo ata Mokolo Moko tse
Nhliziyo yam’ 
(Bwaka miso na yo likolo)
Ungasabi (Epayi ya Tata)

[Intro – Translation]
When the Rough’s Seas is Fighting
(He will Always be with you)
My Heart Do not be Troubled
(Look to the Heaven
To Almighty God)

[Verse 1]
{Si la mer se déchaîne 
Si le vent souffle fort 
Sila barque t’entraîne
N’aie pas peur de la mort 
Si la barque t’entraîne 
N’aie pas peur de la mort} [x2]

Themb’ujesu nsukuzonke

[Verse 1 – Translation]
When the Rough’s Seas
When the Wind Blows Hard
When you lose the Boat’s Control
Don’t be afraid of death

Trust in Jesus all the Time

{Il n’a pas dit, Que tu coulerais 
Il n’a pas dit, Que tu sombrerais 
Ila dit allons sur l’autre bord 
Allons sur l’autre bord} [x2]
Allons sur l’autre bord

[Chorus – Translation]
He didn’t say, that you would Sink
He didn’t say that you would Perish
He said let’s move to the other Side
Let’s Move to the other side

[Verse 2]
Si un jour sur ta Route
Tu rencontres le mal
Crois en Jésus, Il t’aime 
Il te donne sa paix 
Crois en Jésus, Il t’aime
Il te donne sa paix

[Verse 2 – Translation]
If a Day on your Way
You’re Facing the evil
Believe in Jesus, He Loves you
He gives you his Peace

[Chorus 2]
{Akasoze Akushsiye 
Akasoze Akuyeke 
Uthe Sowela’ phesheya
Sowela’ phesheya} [x2]

[Chorus 2 – Translation]
He will never Leave
He will never Forsake you, he said
Together you will Cross Over
Together you will Cross Over

Si La Mer Se Déchaine – Dena Mwanakitata ft Soweto Gospel Lyrics


(He will never Leave you)

[Bridge 2]
Matondo, Yesu melesi na oyo osaleli ngai 
Matondo, Na ye kosopa motema na ngai
Osali ya mingi eeh 
Olaka yo sala ee 
Moko tse atia elykia na yo 
Azonga moboko polele
Natondi yo, Natondi Yo
Na manso osali 
Obwakaka ba oyo ya yo tse 
Otikaka ba oyo ya yo tse

[Bridge – Translation]
Blessings to Jesus,
I’m Grateful for your Benefits
Blessings, I Pour my Heart out
You made so much for me
As you Promised as you Realized
No one puts Faith in you
And stay Empty-handed
Blessings to you, I’m Grateful
For all you’ve done
You never Abandon your Sheep
You never Forsake those
Who have Faith in you

Matondo oo, 
Matondo Yaya

Blessings Almighty

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Si La Mer Se Déchaine – Dena Mwanakitata ft Soweto Gospel Lyrics

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