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Omemma Lyrics (Doer of Good) – by Emmasings Nwakor


Lyrics Are Aranged as sang by the Artist
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Omemma, eh Omemma, eh
Omemma eh,
You are so Good to Me

[Verse 1]
Omemma, Chidi Ebere,
Onye Ebere ka Ibu
Omemma, Onye n’edum Ije
Onye n’edum Ije, Papa Mee
Omemma, Omemma
Imela ka Isi Eme oh
Omemma, Aka Ji’ uwa
Omemma, Eh
Obu N’arum Nile aburu S’onu
Ozughi Inye Gi Ekele
Omemma N’ututu, N’ehihie, N’abali
Omemma Eh, Omemma Eh

[Verse 1 – Translation]
Good God, Merciful God
You are a Merciful God
My Guide, my Father
You have done what you Do
The Hand that upholds the Earth
The Doer of Good
If my Body had been Filled with Mouths
They’re not Enough to Appreciate you
Doer of Good in the Morning,
Noon and Night Time

Omemma Eh, Omemma Eh

Omemma Eh
You are so Good to me

You are so good, eh
You’re so good, eh

Ibu Omemma 

[Omemma Lyrics (Doer of Good) – by Emmasings Nwakor]

[Verse 2]
Omemma, Abiakwam Ozo 
Onye Naniya N’eme Ihe nile
Omemma, omemma, omemma, eh

Leh ndi n’acho Nwunye 
Onye n’eme Mma, biko meha Mma 
Meha mma, Meha mma
Meha mma Papa 

Ufodu N’acho Di Papa meha Mma
Your Children are looking for
The Fruit of the Womb
Papa meha Mma
Ufodu N’acho Ego, Papa meha Mma
What of the Ones
That are looking for Healing
Meha Mma, Papa, meha Mma
Meha Mma, Meha Mma, Papa mee

[Verse 2 – Translation]
Doer of Good, I have come Again
The One that can do all things
The Doer of Good
Some are trusting You for Wives
Doer of Good, Do them Good
Some are Looking for Husbands
Father Do them Good
Some are Looking for Wealth
Do them Good, Father

Omemma Eh, Omemma Eh
When the World
Turned their Back on Me
Your Love was a Light for Me, eh
Omemma Eh

You are so Good to me
Omemma Eh, Omemma Eh
Omemma Eh
You are so Good to me

You are so Good Eeeh
(Akpo Aza, Akpo Aza)
You’re so Good Eeeh
(Your Mercies Endures Forever)

{You can never, never Change
You can never, never Change
Omemma, omemma, omemma, eh
Idighi Agbanwe, agbanwe
Idighi Agbanwe, agbanwe
Omemma, omemma, omemma, eh} [x2]

Omemmma Ka’Ibu eh
Iyeeh, iyeh
Omemmma Ka’Ibu eh
Daddy Meeh, eh

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Omemma Lyrics (Doer of Good) – by Emmasings Nwakor

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