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Artist Birtday : 30/06/2016 (Age 8)
Born In : Chicago, Illinois, US
Occupation(s) : Gospel Music Group
Genres : Gospel Worship
Web Site :

The Profile, of TRIBL,
A US Gospel Music Group, comprising of Vocalists,
Instrumentalists and also Songwriters.

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

TRIBL is a deeply connected community of worshipers.
A fire to gather around; aggregators and also a home for unscripted, live, moment-driven worship.
A champion for songs, artists, and communities creating waves in the worship movement.
At TRIBL, the goal is to curate, capture, and also share.

MISSION:  “To be the home for live, moment-driven songs facilitating impactful connection with God, together.
Their priority is to find, create, and also distribute content that is vulnerable, honest, unfiltered, and transformative.
Through their app and distribution channels, tribl curates meaningful music, artists, playlists and also stories.
GROUP QUOTE: “We believe that spontaneous worship songs are born in and for a moment.
Together we search for this music that brings us closer to the heart of God.
We believe a moment is all it takes to make an impact.
We not only unite our voices in live worship, but we carry those moments with us into our digital future.
Allow the music, and the moment, to change us. This is how we change the world“.

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