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Testimony Jaga


Artist Birtday : 30/11/0000 (Age 2024)
Born In : Nigeria
Occupation(s) : Gospel Artist
Genres : Gospel, FUJI
Agent : LoveWorld Records
Web Site :

The Profile, biography of  Testimony Jaga (Saliu Aliyu Olaiwola)
A Nigerian Gospel Artist, and also Song Writer

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

Mr Jaga is a a fast rising Nigerian gospel music minister.
He serves as a music director in several choirs and singing groups.
Jaga is also a music maker and director.
He released a brand new hit single “I HAVE MOVED” on the 31st of December 2019
Testimony Jaga have continued to rise in the Music Ministry.

This song was performed Live at the Christ Embassey 31st Night Service.
It Featured Israel Strong.

Testimony is a versatile Gospel and Inspirational singer..
with Hits like Odun lo sopin (reloaded) ,Lambano,David’s Dance,Miracle,Turere,Jehovah etc…
He is the Lead singer Testifyer Band..

Testimony is making major waves in the music scene. 
Testimony, originally born as Saliu Aliyu Olaiwola had a career as a secular Artist, before he found Christ.
Long before the gospel crossover, the artist was a rising secular star creating music
and collaborating with some of the industry’s hottest artists.
It took some time for the musician to make it into the world of gospel,
but when Testimony stumbled into church music, it changed his life forever.


Testimony fell into the church from an unfortunate incident.
In 2011 the artist was wrongly accused of stealing a car.
With no support and no evidence to back him up, the police arrested the rising star and sent him to prison for 4 months.
It was in there, that Testimony prayed with all his might to God to see him through.
Fortunately for him, his prayers were heard, and the musician was released.
It was on that day that Testimony found himself in Christ Embassy, the church of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Pastor Chris welcomed the young artist and saw his potential.
He believed in him, nurtured him and gave him a platform on which he could create music and reach millions of people.
This gave Testimony a new sense of hope and belief, not only in God but also in himself.
With all of this support, this led the artist to discover new ways to spread his message,
thus the ‘Street Gospel Movement‘ was born.


The New Street Gospel Movement is a movement that uses music to spread the word of God to struggling street youths.
This is a big part of Testimony’s work. He spends a lot of time finding kids to reach out to.
He approaches these kids with his music and just simply talks to them, telling them, with a song, that there is a better path.

“If truly I am a gospel minister, where am I supposed to go back to share the good news?
The streets. I am saying, “Hello, people, come and see what God has done for me.
You too can join me”. That is my mindset and I promised God that if I can make it, I will go back from where I come from to tell everyone there.
My songs are for the people in the streets.”

Countless Nigerian kids love Testimony’s music, as well as many around the world. They feel that he really speaks to them.
Christ Embassy has propelled these many gospel stars into global fame,
with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome himself even stating at the recent LIMA awards, that
“no music concert in the world makes sense without talents from here.”

Testimony is without a doubt one of these major talents.
His song ‘Jehovah’ won him the LIMA song of the year in the Proto-stars category,

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Testimony Jaga

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