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Red Rocks Worship


Artist Birtday : 14/07/2024 (Age 0)
Born In : Colorado, US
Occupation(s) : Gospel Music Ministry
Genres : Gospel Worship
Agent : Essential Worship, Red Rocks Worship
Web Site :
The Profile, of Red Rocks Worship,
A US Gospel Music Group, and also Songwriters.

Red Rock was Formed as an extension of the church,
the group is comprised of worship leaders and also songwriters
who have a passion to bring their love of Jesus to people through music.
The heartbeat behind their music is to cultivate communities of believers
that pursue God’s presence while creating a real and authentic environment
for people to respond in worship.

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

Red Rocks is the worship ministry of Red Rocks Church.


Red Rocks Worship is the worship ministry of Colorado-based Red Rocks Church.
Founded in 2005 at Heritage Square Theme Park.
Red Rocks Church is one of the fastest-growing churches in America.
Formed as an extension of the church, the worship group is comprised of multiple worship leaders
and also songwriters who have a passion to bring their love of Jesus to people through music.
Tyler Roberts is the Ministry Leader of Red Rocks Worship. 

In addition to the thousands who attend weekend services at one of their seven locations,
Red Rocks has tens of thousands monthly listeners on Spotify
and also more than 4,000 people who tune in to the church’s Online Campus
and Facebook Live broadcasts each week.
Their newest project: Spark,​ a collection of new songs releasing throughout 2019
from Red Rocks, is built to be a slow burn of truth for people in our nation.
A melody they learned from the believer’s in India found its way into their song ​With All of Heaven.​
A simple “hallelujah” repeated as a reminder that as believers in Jesus when we sing that word,
we are singing not only with believers in India and around the world but with all of heaven.

Their hope for this album is to make much of God’s name and much less of their own. Just like a spark igniting seasoned wood, they hope this album would begin to do a work in our nation and then grow into something uncontainable. That through their collective weakness, God’s power would also be made evident.
They are seeking to be faithful with the spark, trusting that God alone will bring forth the wildfire.

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Red Rocks Worship
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