Sierra Leone is truly blessed in so many areas,
hence possesses multi-talented individuals.

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

Today’s subject is the Jovial, Exciting and multi-talented gospel artist
Khadison Augustine Maada Duwai“.

From his early days at “St. Luke’s Primary School“,
and then to “Sierra Leone Grammar School“,
even more the man he has become today.
His journey has been fascinating and most importantly full of promise even as he continues to evolve.

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Khadison is a multi talented gospel minister and vocalist, inspiring many with his sensational voice and character.
He is one of Sierra Leone’s finest Vocalists.
Consequently qualifying for MTN Project Fame West Africa Competition (season 7).
A final year LAW student at the Fourah Bay College USL (at the time of this writing | 2019).

He is involved in numerous projects:

  • He is a voice coach at the Vocal Drift Inspire solo singing competition.
    (Sierra Leone’s first reality TV show
  • Proprietor and Founder of “OVERTONE Gospel Music Brand“.
  • He runs a gospel musical project called “COVERS by KHADISON DUWAI“.
    (focused on reproducing covers of gospel songs from around Africa and the world at large.)

As an artist, he has released singles and also collaborated with high profile artists.


The multi-talented visionary has been accustomed to awards from an early age, hence a few mentioned here:

  • High School’s got Talent – Singing Competition | Winner – 2011
  • The Praisers for Christ – Singing Competition | Winner – 2012
  • Spring Alive West Africa “my spring” drawing competition | 1st place – 2012
  • National Commission for Democracy – Singing Competition | Winner – 2012
  • National Youth Gospel Musical XPO | Winner – 2013
  • The Sierra Leone Fashion Week – SL’s youngest fashion designer – 2014
  • Sierra Leone National Gospel Music awards – Nominee for the best gospel vocalist 2016

Khadison has performed with top Sierra Leonean artist on national occasions.
Most noteworthy,
The Presidential Inauguration Ceremony” in 2018.
Furthermore, he also played host on national reality TV shows.
The most recent “XMAS Surprise” live on AYV TV,
in 2018 to mark the festive Season.
The show was in partnership with the “SUNDAY Show” and also “Sinewaves Studios”.
Full video content of the TV show XMAS Surprise is also available on Overtone SL ‘s YouTube page.

His desire to make positive impact consequently drove him to another project geared towards inspiring success.
His Gospel Brand (OVERTONE) recently completed its Professional Christian Modelling Portfolio.
A Portfolio which is now featured in an ONLINE Modelling Showcase.
This was initiated by OVERTONE,

certainly to inspire Christian Youths to Pursue Fashion as a talent in the church.

Even more; to support the national campaign to end Sexual Violence against Girls and Womenas a result,
Khadison dedicated his Entire online Modelling Showcase towards the same agenda.

“A man’s talent makes ways for him”.
There’s no limit to how far this young talent can go.

More to follow ….


Khadison can be reached via email and also on various Social Media Platforms :
Facebook: Khadison Augustine MaaDa Duwai
Twitter: @Covers_By_KD
Instagram: @khadison_Duwai

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