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Arnold K Fofanah

Salone Praise Medley – Arnold K. Fofanah


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Nkuru mamo, Kanu’wali
Ngewor biseh
Thank you, Lord,

Wey ar memba wetin
God don do for me
Ar nor able for tok
But for say
Thank you, Lord,

Wali’eh masala wali’eh
(Wani Kanu’wali)

Wali’eh…… heh

Wali’eh masala wali’eh
(Wani Kanu’wali)

Kono mbe’npa subeh, oh
Kono mbe’npa subeh,

Awah nu’nga awah
Amu ng’amu yesu lato
Eh nu’nga kw’anele eh
Awamu ng’amu yesu lato
Amu lengeh

Nfa’ nkonga kinki nfa’wapeh
Veh luma ngo veli’nma eh..

Owamu ngoveh eh
Owamu ngoveh eh
(Ah nunga, Owamu ngoveh eh)
Owamu ngobeh nbo’desa
Owamu ngoveh eh
(Ah nunga, Owamu ngoveh eh)

Bo’nyiama, bo’nyiama
(ey, ey, ey)

Wena nfo weh ‘nsamu cha
Mu siweh ‘nbanda
(Eh ‘nbanda ah, ‘che n’gboyata eh) [x2]
Tin waka’tcha nubeh
(‘che goye n’gboyata eh)

Si’ngbi oh
Oh, si’ngbi oh, aleluya



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