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Mayor Boi

Remember Me – by Mayor Boi ft. Johnnyoung


Remember Me – by Mayor Boi ft Johnnyoung

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

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Oh Lord God
Thank you for the mercies,
For the blessings upon our life’s,
It has not been easy!
But first of all we gat to tell you lord
Let’s go

Oh my lord I pray!
{Remember me today} [x3]
Cause this is my prayers!
{Remember me today} [x3]
Oh my lord I pray!

[Verse 1]
It’s all started like a drama
But am going so higher
God make me am smiling this year
NA my turn to lean
See, life is too short
No b say I go die young
Anything I touched
Am going soo high
Remember those days
When I leave my school
Still many people say
I too dey pour spit
I don bless, I don bless ,
Am filled overwhelmed
And things I touch
Are going soo fast
Pushing soo high
To make the first seat
Every day and night
Cracking soo brain
How to do my first track
When I enter market
See my life don change
Marketers dey fin me
And now they want to buy me
Buy me
Anything I touched
Am going soo high

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Oh lord I thank you
For making what I am today
If is not because of you
I do not know where I would be today
Lord You lift me from lower level
You take me to higher level
You make me seat on the street
Lord I give you my wealth,
My growth,my health is your hands
Please guild it for me
Cos I don’t want this haters to see it
I don’t see any reason
Why they should be angry
Because I have made
See oh!oh my story is God’s glory
Lord you lift me
From lower level to higher level
Mama use to tell me
That I should call upon you
When am in trouble
When am facing difficulties
Now They they call me mayorboi
They want to be my councillor
I don’t see any reason why they should try
poison my Hennessy
My story is God’s glory
Jonnyoung you gonna bear me witness

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Johnnyoung, God remember me today
My life don change
Everything am doing
God dey bless me
I don get any stain
Am going soo high
Na God dey make me high
I don sign undertake
Mehn stay clear
My charisma People don dey die
God bless me
No body here can stop me
See when I started this race
I face a lot of crisis
That put me into nemesis
But now am sitting in the throne
Like Coleopatra
Nobody can stop me
No matter how harder you try
See,they call me mAyorboi
I don’t see any reason
Why you should be angry on me
It wasn’t my fault that I live
I sing with jonnyoung
We try to put everything
Cos everybody is gonna
One day celebrate us

[Repeat Chorus]

Thank you lord
I thank you lord
For remembering me today

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Remember Me – by Mayor Boi ft Johnnyoung

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