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Not Yet – by Donnie Mclurkin

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

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[Verse 1]
Thought it was the end this time
God said Not yet
I thought that I would lose my mind
God said Not yet
Thinking’ ’bout my yesterday
Wondering how I got away
But death heard Jesus say
He said Not yet

[Verse 2]
Just when I was gonna quit
God said (Not yet)
I said let somebody else
Have the place

But he said (Not yet)
I thought that I had done so wrong
Feeling like my time was gone but
God gave me this song to tell you
(Not yet) oh yes

I can’t die right now
And got work to do
I can’t waste no time
And he brought me through
Heaven can wait for me
I got a destiny
And I’m walking in victory
God said (Not yet)

Not Yet – by Donnie McLurkin

[Bridge 1] {Call – Resp}
Oh,  (Not yet)
God is talking to you  (Not yet)
Hear the Lord say  (Not yet)
Every one listen when God said
(Not yet)

Hear the lord say to you
(Oh, Not yet)

Oh, God said  (Not yet)
It’s not over for you  (Not yet)
God said  (Not yet)

[Bridge 2] {Call – Resp}
You can’t throw in the towel
(Oh, Not yet)

Can’t give up now  (Not yet)
No, you can’t stop now
(Not yet)

Not yet  (Not yet)
Hear the word of the Lord say
(Oh, Not yet)

It’s not over for you, no  (Not yet)
No, not yet (Not yet)
Not yet, no (Not yet)

[Bridge 3] {Call – Resp}
You’re not going nowhere
(Oh, Not yet)

It’s not time to leave (Not yet)
It’s not over for you (Not yet)
Oh yeh, yeh, yeh (Oh, Not yet)
You gotta be (Oh, Not yet)
You gotta be today (Not yet)
U got to be (Not yet)
Not yet
Death, get away (Oh, not yet)
Death, get away (Not yet)
Deth, get away (Not yet)
God said (Not yet)

Oh, not yet, not yet
You, not yet
God said “Not yet, not yet, no”

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Not Yet – by Donnie Mclurkin

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