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Just Like Abraham – by Minista Jaiho

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

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[Verse 1]
I gave you the water
That you will thirst no more
I gave you the light that ..
Darkness be seized from you
I gave you my wholeness
That you will stand like me
I gave you the Voice
That you will speak for me

I’m here with you
I’ll hold your hands
You’ll never worry
Don’t you be worried
My ways are pure
My heart is yours
I am your Lord
I am your King
And Prince of Peace

I made the way, I made the way
I made the way
For you to never wonder
I shine the Light
So bright for you
Your walls will never be broken
And your gates …
Just like David days
Oh, oh, David days
You are a King

[Verse 2]
Am living this life for ..
What he has called me
Never looking back
I’ve burnth my bridges
Though I may be worried
About tomorrow but I know
That … He is my Shepherd
I do not want

You hold my hands
You hold me high
I’ll never wonder
Or will I be weary
Just like his throne
I’m lifted high
When every walls are broken
But I will not worry, oh

[Just Like Abraham – by Minista Jaiho]

I made the way, I made the way
I made the way
For you to never wonder
I shine the Light
So bright in your path
I’ll shine the light
And make you what I’ve called you
Just like Abraham
I’ll show you the stars
Just like Abraham
I give you my word
Just like Abraham
I will lift you high
Just like Abraham
The world belongs to you

You’re just like Abraham
I choose you
Just like Abraham
I called you
Just like Abraham
I blessed you, uh, uh, uh
See I made you, I choose you
I called you into being
Do not be worried
And your walls I have built
Of precious stones
You’ll never wonder
Nor will you be weary

Just like Abraham, Oh, oh …
Just like Abraham
In whom I am pleased
You’re my special Seed
You’re my special Child
Just like Abraham
My promise are to you
You are Abrahams seed

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Just Like Abraham – by Minista Jaiho

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