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Message Notes for Deliver Us from Evil by Joshua Selman

Deliver Us from Evil KOINONIA Message Notes

Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today

This is A Message by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimak at KOINONIA Experience ABUJA
On February 19th, 2023
We have outlined the Message Notes Below for your Personal Study and Spiritual Growth

Deliver Us from Evil KOINONIA Message Notes



Doors usually come closed by Default, You need to have the right Key to Open Doors,
You can also open doors by Knocking

  • Matthew 7:7-8

You can also open doors by the Ministry of the SUPERNATURAL

  • Acts 16:26-

Keys Represent Knowledge and we must know what is available to us as Children of God.
To open doors, you must understand the Power of Strategic Relationships.

  • Luke 11:11


(How to Manage Open Doors)

TEXT: Matthew 6:5-13

Christians must be aware of what to do with the Challenges that come with open doors

  • v9: Captures a Code for Prayer, to guide us with the Understanding we need during Prayer.

There are Six Points Captured by Jesus in His Prayer:
Three (3) Have to do with God

  • Hallowed be Your Name,
  • Thy Kingdom Come,
  • Thy Will be Done on Earth

Three (3) Have to do with Man

  • Your Daily Bread,
  • Forgiveness of Sins,
  • Deliver us from Evil

v13: “But Deliver us From Evil”

Something will always happen to you when your daily Bread Comes

There are Challenges that come into the Life of a Believer only on Account of OPEN DOORS.
If you don’t understand that such realities exist,
You will not be able to Manage open doors and an open door can now become like a Curse.

  • ACTS 16:11-20

An OPEN DOOR for Paul and Silas also brought them Trouble and Imprisonment, despite their ANOINTING.
The APOSTLES brought Liberty into the City and were about to pay the Ultimate Price on that Account.

As long as you have not gotten a Job,
You don’t know what a Jealous Staff Looks Like because you have not captured that experience in your reality.

The Nature of the Fallen Man and the Believer who is not transformed
Will always react negatively when in the Presence of LIFTING or RISING,
This is a Weakness in the Nature of Believers who have not been Transformed or not been Saved.

It is Natural in a Fallen man to Exhibit Envy and Jealousy.
So we must pay Attention when doors begin to Open, because these things will come.

KOINONIA Deliver Us From Evil mp3 by Joshua Selman

  • 1 Corinthians 16:9

For a great DOOR is OPENED unto me, and there are Many Adversaries.


There are 3 Levels of EVIL that the Bible Mandates we must be Delivered from:


  • 1 Peter 5:8

Be Sober, be VIGILANT



  • 2 Thessalonians 3:1-3


This information should create a Garrison of Defence in your Mind, that all not all men have Faith.
Among the People you will meet when you walk through an open door are Wicked and Unreasonable Men.

  • Genesis 37:3-20

The reason for Joseph’s Hatred by his Brothers was his Fathers Love for Him, and The his Dream (OPEN DOOR) also.

The Level of the Hatred grew more as he Shared his Dreams.
Eventually, envy Creeped into the heart of his Brothers.
Joseph did NOTHING that was wrong.

BLOOD BROTHERS now Planned to kill Joseph, that is How Close your Adversaries can come from.

  • v20: the whole Plan was about his dream, there are Battles you will Face not because of you, but Because of the Mantle you carry.

You must be prepared and ready to fight these battles or the OPEN DOOR will turn to be like a CURSE



The third evil you must contend with is the Flesh

  • Romans 7:18-24

In the Flesh Dwelt no good thing

The flesh is one enemy you will not cast out, it can remain quiet until the conditions that make for its manifestation are introduced into your Life.
It reveals itself I your life according to your growth,
It may seem quiet now, but certain level of Rising has a way of awakening and re-inventing your Flesh.

There are some Temptations that will never come to your Life if you are Broke,

It is not that you are Delivered from them,
The temptation just cannot work because what it feeds on to get to you is not even there

If you are poor, the flesh will not trouble you,
because what it feeds on the introduce pride is not there.

Why will there be an attack on your car when you don’t even have a car.
A woman can stand at 40 and you will never see pregnancy
Because the condition required for Pregnancy have not been met or engaged.

There is always something the Flesh is waiting for to activate it’s Operation


That is why men must rise in the Spirit to attain Stature, so they can Manage open doors
Many people have not followed the Protocol of the Spirit
And they barged into open doors only to be destroyed by it.
The Higher you rise, Some UNNECESSARY things become NECESSARY.

There are many doors that were Closed by God himself until you attain Stature in the Spirit

The Flesh is a Big HINDERANCE that you cannot cast out or run away from, You only have to die to Flesh Daily


The Flesh is The Vulnerabilities and Negative Tendencies that come with the Fallen Nature,
It can be activated in the Presence of PLENTY / ABUNDANCE.

When you are aware of these VULNERABILITIES that come with RISING,
the Higher you RISE, the More HUMBLE you will become.

The reason why People seem to Change to a new kind of Person all of a SUDDEN
Is because the Flesh that was Lying down quietly and waiting for certain Conditions have been awoken by those conditions.

There is a Biblical Condition for Receiving Deliverance from God


  • I Peter 5:6-7
  • James 4:7
  • Proverbs 18:10

Deliverance from God is Based on a Response system, It comes as a response to a cry for mercy

  • Lamentations 3:22
  • Luke 18:36-43
  • Hebrews 4:16 (You don’t obtain mercy where you are, you must take a bold step)

Message Notes for Deliver Us from Evil by Joshua Selman

Deliver Us from Evil KOINONIA Message Notes

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Message Notes for Deliver Us from Evil by Joshua Selman

Deliver Us from Evil KOINONIA Message Notes

Apostle Joshua Selman Message Notes

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Apostle Joshua Selman Message Notes

Message Notes for Deliver Us from Evil by Joshua Selman

Deliver Us from Evil KOINONIA Message Notes

Apostle Joshua Selman Message Notes

Message Notes for Deliver Us from Evil by Joshua Selman

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