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Jesus Loves You
No Matter Your Sins in the Past
He Gave His Life so You Might Live
Come to Him Today




Father Song Lyrics



Oh Oh Father, Oh Oh Father
Oh Oh Father, Oh Oh Father

You are the Best
Better than Ten thousands of men
Oh Oh Father 
Oh Oh Father.


So who am I

that you’re so mindful of me
Oh Who am I
that your thoughts
are always full of me 
While I was lost in my wrongs
You sent your son to die for me
Oh Oh Father 
Oh Oh Father.


My Redeemer
the one who paid the debt I owed 
See how you dug me
out of the pit and made me whole
Now you called me
your righteousness 
While I am away
your arms are open wide
Oh Oh Father 
Oh Oh Father.


Who dey Loves like You do 

Who dey Save like You do 
Tell me who else Loves like You do 
And who can save 
You’re the mighty Deliverer
Better than ten thousands of men 
Oh Oh Father
Oh Oh Father.


A mother
Can leave her sucking child 
But you are always
always right here by me 
Your arms are always open wide
always ready to welcome us home 
There’s no Father like you 
No Lover no Lover like you 
Oh Oh Father
Oh Oh Father.


There are no words enough
to describe the kind of father
that you are 
Even wicked men
Give good gifts to their kids
how much more you Oh 
And you’ve called us
Your righteousness oh 
See how much you love us oh 
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh.


You’re the one who gives
every good and perfect gift 
(Oh Oh Father)
You’re the one who Loves
in a very perfect way 
(Oh Oh Father)
Words are not enough to describe
(Oh Oh Father)
How much you love me oh 
(Oh Oh Father)
It’s a Privilege
To call you my father 
(Oh Oh Father)
It’s an honor to be loved by you 
Oh Oh Father
Oh Oh Father.


You are you are the best 
(Oh Oh Father)
You are the best 
(Oh Oh Father)
It’s a mistake to compare you
with anyone else 
(Oh Oh Father)
You are you are my best 
(Oh Oh Father)
Oh You are the best –
(Oh Oh Father)

better than ten thousands
and millions of men 
Oh Oh Father
Oh Oh Father


Father Lyrics



YADAH Father Song Lyrics


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Lyrics of Father

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Father Song Lyrics


Father Lyrics


Lyrics Father YADAH



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Father Lyrics by YADAH


YADAH Lyrics


Father Lyrics

Father Lyrics by YADAH

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